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    My artistic practice is a reconsideration of the expected and an exploration of new ways to challenge what we think we “know.” My sculptures are composed of a contrasting array of familiar objects, which includes live plants, household objects, industrial materials, and found objects inspired by my childhood explorations in the desert. Some of my works are reconfigurations of objects within their own environments, while others are additive interventions for public or private spaces. I create sculptures with interdependent components that are necessary to maintain the integrity of the structure. The resulting, precarious configurations create tension between the objects and the environment, designed to elicit a visceral response from the viewer that disrupts everyday expectations. As a result, the sculptures become reminders of our own temporality and precarious nature. Loosely informed by physics, feminism, and my experience living in Las Vegas as a young woman, my practice is an ongoing exploration of the process of becoming by creating systems of objects “on the verge” while simultaneously referencing their past and anticipating the present.

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